Saturday, August 3, 2013

pixiv 3.2.2

Download :
Current Version: 3.2.2
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Social
v3.2.2 update:
Version 3.2.2
* Fixed a bug where the app would sometimes crash when displaying the settings panel.
Verion 3.2.0
* New feature: Support for push notifications.
Push notifications may be used to alert you of whenever any of your submitted works have been bookmarked, rated, or even commented upon.
With the addition of the push notifications feature, the following permissions will be added:
* Receive data from Internet
* Find access on the device
* Control vibration
* Prevent phone from sleeping
Official pixiv app for Android. Submit or view illustrations, comics, and short stories from pixiv’s artist community.

■ What’s pixiv?
Launched in September 2007, pixiv is a social networking service focused on supporting artists to share their work with artists and fans alike. Aiming to be a creatively inspiring environment, pixiv is a place that makes actualizing art even more enjoyable by allowing artists and writers a space to upload their illustrations, comics, and short stories. In short, pixiv is “a place where creating is fun!” pixiv extends benefits for members by also holding exhibitions, printing publications, and attending events outside of the web.
■ Features
 - Daily: overall ranking
 - Daily: illustration ranking
 - Daily: comic ranking
– Rookie ranking
– Original ranking
 - Demographic ranking by gender
 - Weekly ranking
 - Monthly ranking
 - Previous rankings
 - Novel rankings
・View illustrations
 - New submissions: from everyone
 - New submissions: from your subscriptions
 - New submissions: from your “my pixiv” users
 - Contest information
 - New submissions: From everyone
 - New submissions: From your subscriptions
 - New submissions: From your “my pixiv” users
・Search filters
 - Illustration and comic searches
   Tag, title, and caption searches
   Sort by newest, oldest, and popular
 - Novel searches
   Tag and keyword searches
   Sort by newest, oldest, and popular
 - Search for username
・stacc feed: see activity updates from
 - Everyone
 - You, your subscriptions, “my pixiv” users, and more
 - Your subscriptions
 - Your “my pixiv” users
 - Only your account
・Home (view and manage)
 - Illustrations and comics
 - Novels
 - Privacy level of your subscriptions
 - “my pixiv” users
 - Privacy level of favorited illustrations or comics
 - Privacy level of favorited novels
 - Your profile
・Premium features
 - No advertisments!
 - Ability to sort tags searches by popularity
– High-resolution thumbnails for high-res devices
– And more!

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