Sunday, August 11, 2013

PeerBlock For Android 1.03

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Current Version: 1.03
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Tools
v1.03 update:
DNS/Connection counters
double icons
Memory leak fix
Added history, system apps included
Created CSV Format for saving settings
Apps with abnormal I/O behavior will get no internet
Updated error handling in rebuilding the cache list
Block hosts/subnet/ip from the history
App will be shown now in the ’Last Blocked Host’
Added comma’s at the ’Blocking xx Ips’ to read it better
Hooking a extra API if some rooted apps are calling it directly
Added to changelogs and about scrollbars
PeerBlock For Android lets you control who your phone ’talks to’ on the Internet.
By selecting appropriate lists of ’known bad’ computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers,
computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been ’hacked’, even entire countries!
They can’t get in to your phone, and your phone won’t try to send them anything either.
And best of all, it’s free!
Keep in mind that I’m not a member of the PeerBlock team, I just wanted PeerBlock for phone
You’re able to grab the lists from so you can start blocking those evil hosts
To add lists to PeerBlock create a new directory in the root of the sdcard (not external sdcard)
Called ’PeerBlockLists’ here should be all the text files
Everytime you added a new/updated list to your PeerBlockLists please press the ’Rebuild cache blocklist’ and reboot so that new hosts can be blocked
Root is required for XPosed to be installed
Use at your own risk!
Block million of hosts (upto billions)
Add unlimited amount of block lists
Allow HTTP/HTTPS Traffic when PeerBlock is enabled, this will make a security hole though so better if u keep it off
Block All Traffic (Paranoid Mode) every single application in android will not have internet
Block DNS – Block DNS Requests
Block the ’Ad’ Keyword in host names to give a better success rate for blocking ad’s
Have a history list of every application that connected to a host
Block a hostname/subnet/ip address from the history
How To use
1. Install XPosed Framework
2. Install PeerBlock For Android
3. Create a directory in the sdcard called “PeerBlockLists”
4. Go into XPosed Framework Installer and enable “PeerBlock For Android”
5. Reboot your device
6. Now go to the website
7. Take any list you wish for example,
8. Press the Update button to download the list (or copy the Update URL into your browser to download it)
9. Now simply copy/paste the .txt file into the sdcard in the folder PeerBlockLists
10. Go into the PeerBlock app and tick “Block DNS” and “Block ’Ad’ Keyword in the Host name”
11. Go to the second tab “Block Lists” now hit the “Rebuild cache blocklist”
12. Reboot your device and enjoy
How to block the goverment
1. Go to your sdcard and open the folder ’PeerBlock’
2. Open the file HostNames.txt (if not exist create it)
3. Write this in the file “.gov”
4. Save the file and be sure you have Block DNS enabled!
5. Any goverment website should be blocked

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