Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kii Keyboard 1.2.7.r2

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Current Version: 1.2.7.r2
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Personalization
v1.2.7.r2 update:
**If the keyboard is not displaying correctly in landscape mode after update, try uninstall / reinstall Kii Keyboard. This may have to do with some changes in Android build tools.
Version 1.2.7.r2
* no functionality change, a new build using an older version of android build tools to see if this fixes issues (such as missing gesture trail, landscape display issue, etc) that some users are experiencing.
* see change logs in app for full change logs…
Kii Keyboard is an all new alternative keyboard on Google Android. It combines the best features from other android keyboards like Swiftkey, Swype, GO keyboard, Thumb keyboard, Jelly Bean keyboard and Better keyboard into an all-in-one package.
★ALL premium features are free to use, but they will be reset every hour. Upgrade to premium via the in-app purchase to remove such interruption★
●Main features:
★Best all-in one keyboard optimized for both phone and tablets
★Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
★User defined text shortcuts
★Extra number key row
★Extra arrow key row
★Swiftkey like next word prediction
★Gesture keyboard control
★Swype like gesture input
★Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layouts
★Support many keyboard layouts: PC, Compact qwerty, T9, Dvorak, Azerty, Colemak
★Support iOS6 emoji input
★8 build-in HD themes
★Support a variety of themes: Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Themeshop Keyboard, CM10 themes
★Font and color customization
★Use any pictures as keyboard background
★True Multi-touch keyboard
★Jelly Bean 4.2 keyboard
●Support 34 languages:
☆Arabic -اللغة العربية‎
☆Czech – čeština
☆Danish – dansk
☆German – Deutsch
☆Spanish – Español
☆Greek – Ἑλληνική
☆Estonian – Estonian
☆Finnish – Suomi
☆French – française
☆Croatian – Hrvatski
☆Hungarian – Magyar
☆Icelandic – Icelandic
☆Italian – Italiano
☆Japanese -日本語
☆Georgian -ქართული
☆Korean -조선어
☆Lithuanian -Lietuvių
☆Latvian – latviešu
☆Norwegian (Bokmal) – Norsk (bokmål)
☆Dutch – Nederlands
☆Portuguese (Brazil) -português
☆Portuguese (Portugal) -português
☆Polish – polski
☆Russian -Русский
☆Romanian – română
☆Slovak – Slovenčina
☆Slovenian -slovenščina
☆Serbian -српски
☆Swedish – svenska
☆Turkish – Türkçe
☆Ukrainian -українська
☆Hebrew – עברית
☆Chinese Pinyin – 中文
- Gesture input may not work on some devices
- The record audio permission is needed for Voice input
- The internet access permission is needed for downloading additional plugins
- The permission to read the contact database is needed for contact dictionary
- SD card access permission is needed for selecting background images on some devices
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