Thursday, August 8, 2013

Any Unit Converter

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Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v1.0.0.1 update:
+App release, make a request (feature or unit) or report a bug using the in app reporter or send an e-mail directly to
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Any Unit Converter is a beautiful and retro-compatible app
Any Unit Converter is an elegant and beautiful lightweight conversion tool for Android. Created for compatibility and productivity, it is compliant to all Google’s design and program guidelines.
It was build with Holo and Holo light (with dark action bar) themes in mind, but it will also work on any Android 2.2+ cellphone or tablet and will look just like they would on Honeycomb+ devices, thanks to several compatibility libraries we use and heavy “themification” we did. You can thus have a pure Holo experience, no matter what version of Android you have.
It is better and faster
On the productivity side, you have a converter Application that gets the job done faster, thanks to it’s intuitive design, and better, thanks to the several Unit conversions available (more are coming). It’s that simple.
Convert whatever you need
At the moment, Any Unit Converter can convert several units types (if you need more, please send us an e-mail).
Angle (Degrees, Radians, etc)
Area (Square meters, Square foot, etc)
Computer (Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal and all bases from 2 to 36)
Data (Bits, Bytes, Megabytes, etc)
Energy (Joule, Watt-hour, Erg, etc)
Force (Newton, Dyne, Joule/meter, etc)
Fuel (Kilometers per liter, Liters per kilometers, Miles per kilometers, etc)
Length (Meters, Foot, Yards, etc)
Mass (Kilos, Pounds, Ounces, etc)
Power (Watt, Horsepower, Btu, etc)
Prefixes (Tera, Deci, Nano, Micro, etc)
Pressure (Pascal, Bar, Psi, etc)
Sound (Neper and Bel’s variations like Kilobels and Millibels)
Speed (Miles per hour, Miles per second, Kilometers per hour, etc)
Temperature (Fahrenheit, Degrees Celsius, Kelvin, etc)
Time (minutes, hours, days, etc)
Torque (Newton meter, Kilogram-force, Ounce-force, etc)
Volume (Liters, milliliters, cubic meters, etc)
+More units and conversion types coming as requested!
For new features or units request, please send a e-mail to

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