Friday, June 28, 2013

Freestyle Baseball 1.5.4

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Current Version: 1.5.4
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Sports Games
v1.5.4 update:
1.5.0 Update
Add Left-and Pitching Item
Add New ITEM
Add Tapjoy (free Cash)
★ Freestyle Baseball’s News Updete (1.5.0) ★
1. Add New Pitching Form (Left-Hand Pitching)
2. Add new costume items
3. Add Tapjoy (Free Charging Function)
☆ Freestyle Baseball has surpassed 1.2 million downloads. ☆
1 vs. 1 Online Gameplay! Unique Matches & Thousands of Rivals! Personalize your Baseball Player to Throw Harder, Hit Harder and Play Harder!
Brace yourself for an unforgettable baseball battlefield. Freestyle Baseball pits street smart pitchers against mean-street batters in a 3D freestyle score-a-thon. Set in a detailed, realistic 3D urban environment, player customize characters face off against NPCs or one another in real-time. With every successful pitch and run scored, players build up skill points and other rewards, gaining the ability to learn new skills in batting and pitching. Players can personalize their characters with a huge variety of customizations including clothing, hair styles, and equipment, expressing themselves and enhancing their performance.
Single player campaigns, custom one-on-ones against defeated NPCs, and real-time multiplayer mode make Freestyle Baseball a baseball battle that never strikes out! Gear up, get some gold, accumulate battle points, and dominate your opponents in the hottest new sports game of the season!
Show off your skills by battling real-life opponents in real-time, wagering your skills against their battle points to boost your reputation and buy new bling in the shop.
Face off against Freestyle Baseball’s own star NPCs, defeating each one to gain skill points, advance levels, and unlock special items in the shop. As each NPC is defeated, their character becomes unlocked in the custom game mode.
Hone your skills against NPCs in custom game mode. As each is unlocked, you’ll gain valuable practice time and have a perfect pick-up-and-play option available anytime the mood to strike out a batter strikes you!
Switch off batting and pitching every other inning, and refine your skills at both. Simple game mechanics make learning Freestyle Baseball easy, but it’s going to take talent to rule the street!
Use your skill points to improve your swings and pitches, and acquire new specialized moves to stump your opponents. As you progress, special Deadly Skills will become available when adrenaline runs high and the rage gauge fills. As a pitcher, add new pitches to your arsenal: fourseam, curve, fork, changeup, and slider. Combine them with deadly moves like twister, illusion, and arrow to become unstoppable. When batting, activate your power swing to up your chances of a well-placed hit becoming a game-changing home run!

iFlytek Voice Input 3.1.1330

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Current Version: 3.1.1330
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
Category: Tools
v3.1.1330 update:
iFlytek Voice Input, as a smart input method for mobile phone, is launched by iFlytek based on iFLY voice cloud. It has won 1st place prize in AppSpace competition companion with Global Mobile Internet Conference 2011.
The software integrates speech recognition, handwriting recognition and keyboard entry. With patented algorithm design, iFLY Voice Input ingeniously realizes seamless integration of handwriting and keyboard entry in the same interface, thereby effectively expands the applicable population of the software and significantly improves the text input speed in mobile phone.
Functions & Features:
- Sets voice, handwriting and keyboard input as one function, easy to deal with various scenarios.
- The world’s leading intelligent speech technology, voice input will be more convenient.
- Horizontal screen and vertical screen stack to write, handwriting input is arbitrary.
- Nine-square grid and sliding full keyboard switch, keyboard input is handy.
1. 手写输入
- 键盘区直接起笔手写,无需切换输入模式
- 连续手写无需停顿
- 竖屏叠写、横屏连写
- 支持手写区域动态扩大和全屏手写
2. 语音输入
- 采用全球领先的智能语音技术
- 边说边识别,无需停顿,支持整句识别
- 自动添加标点符号,智能检测说话结束
- 说出网站名称直接转换为URL地址
3. 键盘输入
- 九宫格、全键盘底行滑动切换
- 支持笔画输入
- 支持实体键盘输入
- 按键智能纠错、中英文混拼、表情符号、编辑面板一应俱全